Palestinians: Hatred Is Their Identity

Another sobering editorial video from Pat Condell:

Hat Tip: David Horowitz at

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1 Response to Palestinians: Hatred Is Their Identity

  1. Pat is exactly on point. The “Palestinian” national project only originated as a means to attack Jews returning to Israel in the 19th century, and for its entire history there has been a single, infallible method of identifying the “sole, legitimate representative” of this project: whichever family/clan/faction could plausibly claim to be able TO KILL THE MOST JOOOOOOOS IN THE SHORTEST TIME would be the leader. THAT is why Hamas has taken over, since Fatah was militarily crippled in 2002-3…

    The “Palestinians” have never had any existence nor identity apart from being the anti-Israel. And by now, after ~100 years, it is clear they never will.

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