Random Status Report

According to Rasmussen’s daily update of their “Presidential Tracking Poll” here’s how the GOP hopefuls currently stack up versus Obama:

Obama 46%, Romney 43%
Obama 48%, Gingrich 41%
Obama 48%, Santorum 40%
Obama 47%, Paul 37%

Maybe Mark Levin should run? Judging from the response to his new book in the very liberal progressive state of New York, seems he should be able to poll better against Obama than the current crop of Republican candidates. Check it out:

Love that “Patton” music. Nice touch. McCain should have used it.

However, it’s difficult to understand how portraying President Obama as an heir to Plato and St./Sir Thomas Moore is going to discredit his agenda or diminish his popularity. But then, what do I know?

It probably matters a smidgen more what the IMF thinks:

Perhaps another thrashing of the world economy awaits us. The last one got Obama elected. Just beware the Ides of September!


Hat Tips: Family Security Matters & The Compass

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