BLS Stats: Adjusted or unadjusted, is that the only question?

Well, now you can pursue the answer to that question on your own. I’ve uploaded a new spreadsheet to my SkyDrive for your perusal and downloading, should you be so inclined. The latest and greatest constitutionalleysis combines a summary of the monthly unadjusted household employment data found in BLS Economic News Release Table A-1, “Employment status of the civilian population by sex and age” with a portion of the data found in Table A-8, “Employed persons by class of worker and part-time status.” I’ve also included mid-month population data from the St. Louis Fed so that you could get some notion of just how many are institutionalized, should that be of concern to you.

Also included is a copy of the seasonal adjustment graph by Tyler Durden which clearly illustrates the distortive effect these “adjustments” can have on comparing January to December with the coming of each new year. Mr. Durden’s critical analysis of the recently released BLS employment stats may be found here.

Now, for the first time, you can find in one place all the basic employment/unemployment data you could possibly desire. Voilà! Seasonally unvarnished monthly stats from January of 1980 to January of 2012 are yours for the taking! The Bureau of Labor Statistics is not nearly so kind. Have fun.

Just give me a smidgen of credit if you use the stuff in a publication. Thanks.


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