What the GOP probably prefers you don’t know about budgets

Whether or not you’re a budget hawk, you may be interested in knowing how much of our national fiscal dilemma is the responsibility of the Bush Administration versus the Obama Boys. The answer may surprise you because the average annual increase in spending is almost identical for both administrations, as you can see in the following table:

(left-click on the table for a larger, more readable view)

FY 2000 is included for comparison purposes, and then there is the question of whether or not the Obama Boys should be held responsible for FY 2009 spending. After all, Obama took office in January of ’09 and FY 2009 started October 1, 2008. The increase from ’08 to ’09 is a little over a half-trillion which, if blamed on Bush, would increase his average and lower Obama’s. The choice is yours.


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