Will there be an election? Will there be a result?

There was a time in American politics when asking such questions would automatically label one as certifiable. However, such confidence in the electoral system has now been raucously relegated to the historical curiosity department. Persons both intelligent and sane now seriously ponder these once-upon-a-time imponderables. For example, here’s an email I received this morning:

I know there has to be more to the assassination and the increased rioting…not the anti-muslim movie or celebrating the anniversary of the 9-11 attacks. O’s reaction or lack of reaction/response to what happened is telling…maybe my prediction that there won’t be an election isn’t so far fetched. Maybe the Shakespearean line “false face must hide what the false heart doth know” is applicable to O. What are your thoughts? E

Ever responsive I replied:

Dear E,

Shakespeare’s line is applicable, but I think the election will be held. Obama doesn’t have the reach to prevent it. Keep in mind that the states run the elections. Not the federal government. There’s enough momentum in the process to make it extremely difficult to halt the election itself. And such a move would be way too obvious. However, the “progressives” may have so corrupted the electoral process that the returns will be sufficiently questionable or ambiguous in enough states so as to preclude a clear result. Obama could thereby refuse to leave office while the attorneys and courts do battle. . .but for how long? All hell would eventually break loose, but who’s going to toss him out? Not the military. They’ve also been corrupted. And why would they? It’s not Obama’s fault the states couldn’t run a clean election, is it?

Just a thought.


And thereby could arise the justification for the imposition of martial law that is a concern for what seems to be an ever growing number of America’s fair citizens. I believe our military leadership would be willing under such a circumstance to do so. Just consider the extent to which the military has been feminized, homogenized and lawyerized over the past twenty years. And, after all, the military has also been turned into a political arm of the Obama Administration geared towards suppressing the First Amendment. Don’t think so? Try these on for size:

• Then Secretary of Defense “Robert Gates Urged Terry Jones to Call Off Koran Burning” — CBS News on September 9, 2010

• “Petraeus condemns Quran burning as protests rage on” — CNN on April 03, 2011

And, most recently, regarding Joint Chiefs Chairman General Dempsey:

“Top US military officer calls pastor over film” — Reuters on September 12, 2012

Whether or not the rank and file would go along with orders to shoot their fellow citizens is another question altogether. Homeland Security, on the other hand…


Hat Tips: E.B. and Hot Air

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