We won the Cold War? (updated)

From Flying magazine:

Russian Jets Shine at Paris Air Show SourceLink
By Stephen Pope / Published: Jun 18, 2013

There were plenty of storylines worth following as the Paris Air Show opened yesterday at the famed Le Bourget Airport. The Russians are filling the void left by the absence of U.S. military aircraft and the heated rivalry between Boeing and Airbus is growing more fierce as billions of dollars in deals are on the line.

Thanks to the ongoing sequestration, the U.S. military brought no aircraft to Paris this year. That left the skies wide open for the Russians, who are wowing the crowds this week with heart-stopping routines by the Su-35 multirole fighter, a fast and agile jet with excellent thrust-to-weight ratio that is attracting notice from military leaders throughout the world primarily because, unlike fifth-generation fighters from the U.S., it is a no-nonsense design that can be made cheaply.

This week’s show is also seeing the international debut of Russia’s Kamov Ka-52 Alligator helicopter, as well as demonstration flights of the Yak-130 military trainer. The routines are sure to make it a Salon remembered as the year the Russians returned to top form.

To see the Su-35 in action, check out this Paris Air Show video courtesy of PlanesTV.com:

Well, we did win, didn’t we? I suppose that neither my answer nor yours is of much consequence. However, what the rest of the world thinks about the mutilation of America’s military, as well as the rather conspicuous absence of that military from the Paris Air Show, probably is.

Time will tell.


Hat Tip: Lt. Col. Jim C., USAF (ret)

Update: ‘Russian Stealth’ 1st public flight: Sukhoi PAK FA T-50 at MAKS airshow

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