The Wuhan Virus Pandemic & November 2020 – Part II

Responding to yesterday’s posting, a long-time friend and classmate wrote:

Powerful stuff. We’ve got to make this narrative go viral. Keep it up bro.

Only comment, when I was working on the China scene in the 80’s and 90’s, the pandemic clause that is referenced was standard fare, part of a force majeure. So nothing unusual there IMHO.


That nicely corroborates one of Ms. DiMartino-Booth’s key facts supporting her thesis. The dates quoted regarding the completion of trade negotiations and signing of the agreement are a matter of public record. No need to confirm those. What about the assertion that there were some in the government who as early as November were aware that a viral outbreak was taking place in Wuhan?

Well, FOX News recently published a video segment regarding the Washington Post’s reporting of two 2018 State Department memos that expressed concerns about the lack of adequate safety procedures at a Wuhan lab facility. Sen. Tom Cotton’s earlier remark on that subject was included:

So, there’s little doubt that some in the bowels of the “Deep State” were aware of the outbreak in November of 2019.

Also, turns out the U.S. has been funding research at the Wuhan lab through the auspices of the NIH, National Institutes of Health:

Now, strictly as a matter of principle, I am not opposed to mutually financed and shared research between nations. However, in light of the one-sided commercial and intellectual property relationship we have with China, and the new restrictions on publishing research by the Wuhan virology lab, think it’s time to part company.

Fact is, recent events merely highlight and reemphasize the festering sore, metastasized cancer, that is our relationship with China. That is not an exaggeration nor an egregious xenophobia. In May of 2018, Sen. Marco Rubio told the “greatest deliberating body in the world” just how appropriate the above description is:

That considered, my question is this: Why is there no support of President Trump amongst the Democrats, establishment Republicans and the liberal media in his battle, nay war, with China? He could use a bit in his efforts to save the country from economic disaster and loss of “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

Nor is that any exaggeration.

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