“The Trust” lives on. . .

Felix Dzerzhinsky led the first two Soviet state-security organizations, the Cheka and the OGPU, that established a secret police for the post-revolutionary Soviet regime. Along with Lenin, he created what became known as “The Trust” which Michael Ledeen describes as:

…one of the greatest of all grand deceptions, the Soviet-created “Trust” just after the Revolution. That was organized by the Soviet intelligence service, which created a phony opposition movement whose “leaders” contacted Western governments with offers to topple the Bolshevik regime. The “Trust” leaders provided the Western strategists with secret documents, and even assassinated Soviet officials in order to establish the bona fides of the Trust. The West bought the deception, and funded the Trust, giving the Soviets money, knowledge of Western plans, and the ability to manipulate Western anti-Soviet operations. The Trust’s most celebrated victim was the British official “Reilly Ace of Spies,” who was lured to a meeting, arrested, tortured, and executed.

Ledeen mentions this historical tidbit in a PJMedia posting titled “The Desert of Mirrors: Who’s Really Who in the Middle East?” wherein he describes the intentionally deceptive current-day antics of the Iranian regime.

The following Huffpost article is an example of how “Trust” history-creating methodology is put into practice by today’s Marxists Democrats:

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Chilling Supercut Exposes Violent Pre-Riot Rhetoric From Donald Trump and His Enablers
Lee Moran, Reporter, HuffPost
Thu, January 14, 2021, 5:22 AM EST

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi orchestrates impeachment vote:

The violent and divisive rhetoric of President Donald Trump and his allies ahead of the U.S. Capitol riot is laid bare in a chilling supercut released by The Daily Show with Trevor Noah on Wednesday.

Trump, members of his family, White House officials, Fox News personalities, congressional Republicans and others promote baseless conspiracy theories about the 2020 election and demand retribution in the montage.

“We need to fight back,” urges Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) in the clip.

Fox News prime time host Tucker Carlson tells his millions of viewers that the election was rigged, Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-N.C.) urges conservatives to “lightly threaten” lawmakers and White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany calls on Republicans to “grow a backbone and fight.”

In clips recorded at a rally before the riot, Trump’s sons Eric and Donald Jr. whip up anger among the crowd, and lawyer Rudy Giuliani encourages “trial by combat.”

The video concludes with Trump demanding at his rally that supporters “fight like hell.”

The president on Wednesday was impeached by the House for a second time, on a charge of incitement to insurrection.

Watch the video here:


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Also on HuffPost

BLM Protesters’ Skin Color vs. that of Pro-Trump Protesters:

This article originally appeared on HuffPost and has been updated.

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IMHO President Trump was mistaken in calling for a rally in Washington D.C. on Jan. 6th. It was a ready-made opportunity for the Dems to put Obama’s “National Civilian Security Force” into action. It seems unlikely that BLM-ers and Antifa-cists did not comprise the bulk of the “Capitol Rangers Assault Force” as it could very well be forever known. Garb is easily changed. “Trump 2020” shirts, “MAGA” hats and American-flag swaddling do not a Trump supporter necessarily make. But, there’s no doubt that Trump and his supporters supplied more than enough verbal ammunition. However well-intentioned and non-insurrectionist it probably was.

Keep in mind that the Dems have been working towards this point since before Trump was even nominated. This is very clearly the case as is presented by attorney Joe diGenova in a January 2018 interview with the Daily Caller:

Correction: diGenova misstates (@ 1:00m) by saying the FISA report was issued in April, 2016. It was actually April of 2017.

Wonder whatever happened to Admiral Rogers?


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