Dr. Simone Gold is Fighting Tyranny … Medical & Otherwise

Perhaps you remember Dr. Gold of America’s Frontline Doctors (AFD) from the press conference she and others held in front of the Supreme Court building in July of 2020. Their use of a hydroxychloroquine-Zinc cocktail to treat Covid-19 patients was being systematically resisted by government agencies and others in the medical profession. The following short clip makes the point:

The entire video segment can be viewed here.

The following video does not address the question of whether or not HCQ or ivermectin are viable treatments for Covid-19 infections. Rather, Gold describes the continuing and expanding work of AFD in combating the shredding of constitutional rights of those in the medical professions, as well as patients, by oppressive government bureaucracies. Redressing these transgressions is being aggressively pursued in the courts.

Tue Dec 14, 2021
Dr. Simone Gold at Restoration Weekend: Fighting Medical Tyranny
The founder of America’s Frontline Doctors reveals the vicious attack on our Constitution.

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