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POSTED: Saturday, February 2, 2008
TODAY'S SPECIAL: W-88 Nuclear Warhead Performance Specifications
SERVER: Hazel O'Leary, Clinton I Energy Secretary,
CHEF: William Jefferson Clinton
PRICE: Proliferation of nuclear weapons technology & the loss of a warhead design advantage
However, this lunch is on the house if you don't care about nuclear weapon design giveaways,
and are not concerned as to what may happen along these lines should the Clintons be reelected.
Hazel O'Leary
Hazel O'Leary
7th United States Secretary of Energy, '93 to '97
Currently serving students "lunch" at Fisk University
(You probably know what the Clintons look like)

I know, I know. This is water over the dam, under the bridge, old hat, ancient history, and so, who cares? Well, you may want to give a few minutes thought to just how loose Ol' Bill played with the nation's nuclear secrets when he was "running" things. After all, Hill and Bill apparently come as pair, fused at the hip and, same as Costco packaging, you can't get just one. So, if Bill does get a third term, even if only a virtual one at that, he will have influence and policy may be tipped in directions he prefers. After all, if Ms. Hillary is elected, we will have sailed into uncharted waters by having an ex-President as the spouse of the current office holder. Who knows what this could lead to?

When first elected, the freshly minted President Clinton appointed Ms. Hazel O'Leary as his first Energy Secretary. Over the course of the next four years, the span of Clinton's first term, O'Leary did some very interesting things. At that time I was completely oblivious as to what she was up to and did not discover her shenanigans until 2002 when, while away at my self-imposed reeducation camp, I read an article by David Horowitz.

Now, Mr. Horowitz, a reformed radical leftist, has been sniffing out commies since the '70s. In his Salon article, he writes about how the Democrats have little, if any, scruples about placing known communist sympathizers in the most sensitive of national security jobs. Some of the stories are downright astonishing. What some public officials have done, with little or no consequence to themselves, can only be considered a frightening subversion of U.S. national security interest. More in just a bit. First, some additional background.

A man who had an opportunity to observe the Clintons close up, retired Air Force Lt. Col. "Buzz" Patterson, was for a period of two years one of the military persons assigned to carry the nuclear "football" that holds the nuclear weapons release codes. Now, as one of the persons assigned this duty, Patterson would always be within shouting distance of the President during his watch. One of the footballers is nearby the President 24-7, just in case we have to let somebody know we're very seriously aggravated.

Patterson wrote a book on his experiences as the President's nuclear doppelganger that details his less than sterling opinion of Clinton in "Dereliction of Duty." He has since written a couple of others critical of the left and their impact on national security. Patterson appeared some time back on "Book TV" to hawk his wares, and what he had to say about the Clintons, as well as Mr. Gore, and their attitude regarding the military is quite sobering.

First, when Clinton originally donned the mantle of the Presidency, Hillary wanted him to prohibit the wearing of military uniforms in the White House. Mr. Patterson says that the explanation for this it that she just doesn't like the military. That proved impractical since there are about 4,000 military personnel who essentially work directly under the President. They're crawling all over the place all of the time.

Second, Mr. Gore also has a very strong dislike of the military. His distaste for those persons martially inclined is so strong that, as Mr. Patterson relates in his book, after being greeted by the uniformed Lt. Colonel, Gore would not even acknowledge Patterson's presence when the two might meet accidentally, perhaps in a White House elevator. The question of why Al Gore would ever want to be Commander in Chief while bearing that kind of hostility towards the military can have only one answer -- neutering it.

Keeping these bits of the Clinton Administration zeitgeist in mind, we now go back to our comely server of the day, Ms. O'Leary.

Hazel O'Leary did at least two things that would undermine the security of the United States and would result in classified nuclear weapons information being divulged:

...First, Mrs. O'Leary banned personnel badges that clearly indicated whether the bearer had a security clearance and, if so, how high. Her reasoning: Such badges were discriminatory. And second, she ended the practice of requiring reports to DOE headquarters about foreign nationals from "sensitive countries" who visited the unclassified areas of the nation's nuclear weapons laboratories.

-- Frank J. Gaffney Jr., Washington Times, 4/27/99


Most notoriously, Clinton appointed an anti-military, environmental leftist Hazel O'Leary to be Secretary of Energy, a department responsible for the nation's nuclear weapons labs. O'Leary promptly surrounded herself with other political leftists (including one self-described "Marxist-Feminist") and anti-nuclear activists, appointing them as her assistant secretaries with responsibility for the security of the nuclear labs. In one of her first acts, O'Leary declassified eleven million pages of nuclear documents, including reports on 204 U.S. nuclear tests, describing the move as an act to safeguard the environment and a protest against a "bomb-building culture."

-- David Horowitz,, 3/24/04, How the Left Undermined America's Security Before 9/11

Still interested?

Horowitz says that O'Leary self-describes her motivation to declassify the nuclear test results "as an act to safeguard the environment and a protest against a 'bomb-building culture'." Do you believe that? Do you think she just went ahead and did all of this without authorization from Big Bill himself? What would motivate Mr. Clinton to appoint a person such as Hazel O'Leary to this position, one that is so extremely sensitive from a national security standpoint?

We'll never really know the answers to those questions, but if we engage in a bit of reasonable speculation we may get a tad closer to the truth than Ms. O'Leary's gem about her reasons for declassifying so much information. And information regarding nuclear weapons at that! Perhaps we're the world's biggest proliferator?

Now, there is much, much more to the story about the lax security at our nation's nuclear weapons labs including the bit involving the briefly notorious 'Wen Ho Lee' who was only one of the many players in the espionage game. Lee, by the way, was first put under surveilance by the FBI in 1982.

In May of 2001, Sen. Richard Shelby, then Chairman of the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, in an address to the Heritage Foundation, made the following statement:

But let me be clear: while the investigation and prosecution of Wen Ho Lee that emerged from the W-88 investigation have been widely criticized, we should not lose sight of the facts. Dr. Lee illegally, purposefully, downloaded and removed from Los Alamos massive amounts of classified nuclear weapons information - the equivalent of 400,000 pages of nuclear secrets, representing the fruits of 50 years and hundreds of billions of dollars worth of research.

Note that he mentions the "W-88" warhead. Why is this important? Well, though there was a great deal of speculation that the Chinese had in the '80s stolen the design for the W-88 warhead - which is the extremely compact, light-weight thermonuclear weapon that sits atop our Trident III submarine-launched missiles - there was also some doubt as to whether or not they had actually gotten their hands on the details of the design. As a result, the Chinese may have been interested in knowing the test results even if they couldn't surreptitiously obtain the weapon's complete specifications, because doing so might provide some guidance to the direction of their own research.

Where might such information be found? Oh, the test results! Who would ever have thought of that? The Chinese may not have been able to sneak all the information they wanted out of the weapons labs, but if we declassified all of this other stuff, who would be the wiser? This may seem a bit like giving them an eleven million page haystack with a W-88 needle in it. However, it's not an impossible task if you know what you're looking for and where to find it. Perhaps we even told them where to look.

Oops, I almost forgot. If you'd like to make yourself really ill with more Clinton national security capers, see the Cox Report for volume after volume of nauseating stories about how lax the U.S. is regarding its national security. In all fairness, it's not just the Democrats, the Clintons and the Chinese. After all, the suspected loss of the W-88 warhead design was thought to have taken place in the '80s. So, if that's when it happened, assuming it did, then that certainly wasn't on the Dems' watch.

But anyway, thanks, Hazel!

Oh, and let's not forget to thank Mr. Gore and the Clintons. We wouldn't want to leave out our Academy Award winning recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize nor our possible future Tag Team Presidents, now would we?