Dr. Richard Fleming – Masterclass on SARS-CoV-2 (excerpt)

Dr. Fleming is what one might call a medical superstar. PhD in physics, MD, as well as a JD just for good measure. He has done pioneering work in nuclear medicine related to cardiovascular disease. Even has a patent relating to same. You can check him out at his website.

What follows is an excerpt from a 2:29:17 long video available on YouTube that is probably the most thorough and detailed discussion of the virus and its effects upon humans available to the general public. Dr. Fleming’s opinion of the vaccine mandates is nicely summarized in the following joke:

Two rats are looking at each other and the one rat says, “Are you going to get the vaccine?” The second rat looks at the first one and says, “They haven’t finish the human trials yet.”

Yes, Virginia, you are part of a world-wide medical experiment:

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