Klavan on how to change the electoral culture

At the City Journal site, Andrew Klavan, a former Hollywood liberal now converted to conservatism, offers his post-election suggestion on how we can turn the electorate away from our ever more libertine and morally bereft culture:

The Long Game
Three areas the Right should address, financially and intellectually
7 November 2012

Life is short, said Hippocrates, but art is long. There is a practical corollary to that great truth: elections are won and lost in the politics of the moment, but it’s the culture that makes the nation.

In the aftermath of President Obama’s victory, conservative political thinkers will have to ask themselves some hard questions. How much of our defeat was due to strategy and how much to structure? […]

The smartest political writers in the country, all of whom are conservative, will now be addressing those questions. I’m an artist; I play the long game.

To win that game … there are three areas to which conservatives need to commit intellectual and financial resources—three areas that our intelligentsia and funders, in their impractical practicality, too often ignore.

Those three areas are:

“The mainstream news media”

“The entertainment industry”

and “Religion for intellectuals”

Speaking to the last, Mr. Klavan echoes Beran but mostly Solzhenitsyn when he says:

[…] The triumph of science, the comfort of Western life, and a sophisticated elite virulently hostile to religion have all contributed to an intellectual atmosphere of unbelief—a sense that atheism should be the default mode of reasonable, thinking people. That is a mere prejudice and needs to be answered in the culture, not with Bible-thumping literalism and small-minded judgmentalism—nor with banal happy-talk optimism—but by sound argument made publicly, unabashedly, and without fear. John Adams and the other Founders were right about this: an irreligious people cannot be free. Liberty lives in the palace of moral truth, and you can’t build that palace on the empty air.

In the aftermath of a crushing electoral defeat, all this may seem a distant business, an airy conversation for another day. It isn’t. The demography of the country is changing, but demography is not destiny. Ideas are. We must retake the culture and begin speaking truth to a new America.

You may read it all here >

In February of 2011, I believe, Charles Krauthammer made the following comment on FOX’s “Special Report” regarding open homosexuality in the military:

“It’s an idea who’s time has come”

I don’t believe that is the kind of disciplined moral reasoning Mr. Klavan has in mind. After all, once-upon-a-time in Germany the same could be said of the National Socialist Party, i.e., Nazi Party. Popular acceptance or legalization isn’t a moral argument.


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