Treason Part Deux: Mr. Bill

William Jefferson Clinton must be the all-time champ when it comes to transferring to a foreign power, a self-declared enemy of the United States no less, American military technology and secrets. That this is the case has been well-documented officially — the “Cox Report” — and unoffically, for example, Bill Gertz’s Betrayal. Yet, former President Clinton roams the planet a free man while collecting speaking honorariums and smiling knowingly at the accolades of an adoring press and public. Even his former Oxford classmate, the late Christopher Hitchens, thought of Clinton as having “No One Left to Lie to.” SourceLink And if these do not suffice, please be assured that your thirst for all travesties Clintonion will be slaked at Alamo Girl’s extensive “Downside Legacy Archives” which could furnish source notes for several books. SourceLink

However, for the purpose of this posting I will limit myself to one essay from the June/July 1999 issue of David Horowitz’s Heterodoxy. SourceLink If and when you find yourself unable to continue drinking from the 24-hour news cycle fire hose, you may wish refresh your awareness of Clinton’s non-sexual, presidential crimes and misdemeanors by perusing “Present Dangers,” available in a more readable .pdf format on SkyDrive. SourceLink

Posting notes:

    (1) Any errors in spelling or grammar you may come across in the latter are the result of my less-than-perfect reformatting of the original, and do not reflect upon Mr. Horowitz’s compositional or editorial skills.

    (2) While reading “Present Dangers” you may wish to keep an air sickness bag or other suitable container nearby.


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