The Obama Mything

Received an email today (hat tip to NYC Dan) suggesting that I read a posting at Pajama Media by Roger Simon titled, “What if it’s All True?” Mr. Simon’s query was prompted by a Washington Post article regarding the President’s uncle Onyango “Omar” Obama and his assertion that Obama resided with him on occasion while attending Harvard Law, said assertion being contrary to what Obama has up until now claimed. However, according to the Boston Globe, as of Thursday, Obama now acknowledges having lived with his uncle. Regarding the controversies surrounding Obama and his Presidency, Simon concludes:

But that’s only one area of accusation. What if they were all true – or, if not all, say thirty, forty or even fifty percent? What if this were actually demonstrated while he was still in office to the degree that the standard spin that all politician(s) lie no longer applied? What if we could prove that it had gone well beyond that, beyond Nixon and Clinton far into the realm of an invented man? What would that mean, exactly? Should his opponents rejoice? Would a new era and truth, beauty and prosperity be upon us?

Not likely. Great damage has been done. Consider for a moment that whatever theories we have about Obama, whatever prevarications and deceptions of which we are aware or unaware, are known equally to our adversaries – the intelligence agencies of China, Russia and Iran. Even if they were too dumb to figure it out for themselves, which they’re not, they read our newspapers and blogs.

These totalitarian – or near totalitarian, depending on how you want to parse it – states depend on lies for their existence. In Obama they have found a partner in crime, a semblable, as Baudelaire would say. They are currently exploiting this. In all likelihood our world will never be the same. This is no cause for celebration by any American.

Yes, “all politicians lie”, “great damage has been done”, and there is “no cause for celebration” because Emperor Obama now stands naked before us. Our foreign enemies figured us out long ago, long before most of us were born. The most serious problem we have is that for the most part we have not ferreted-out and discovered who our domestic enemies, including sundry dupes and puppets, really were and are. Politics appears to be the field of battle, but that is only one killing ground in socialism’s war against America. This war is a cultural, spiritual, economic, pseudo-scientific, legal, moral and philosophical dismemberment of Western Civilization. If you think Communism, in all its manifold manifestations, disappeared with the “collapse” of the Soviet Union, you may wish to reconsider – quickly.

This little tirade, in and of itself, will not convince anyone of anything or change any minds. I’ve spent thirteen years digging, discovering, and digesting before deciding that I have some idea of what the hell is really going on. My ignorance is still great, but hopefully not misleading, and certainly not complete. Mr. Simon is correct, but he has only scratched the surface of what lies beneath.


Correspondent Elaine B. writes:

To quote Judge Judy, “If something doesn’t make sense, it must be a lie.” Maybe the pieces are starting to fit together.

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