Seeking Truth: Anything but Easy & It’s Not Looking for You

One lesson I’ve learned from my past fifteen years scouring the internet is that the “TRUTH” doesn’t seek you out and simply show up in your email in-box. I’ve had people get totally pissed at me because I burst a bubble or two of theirs found bobbing upon the cybersea with the other flotsam. And it’s also why I don’t pay much heed to most of the undocumented stuff that washes in over my internet transom – unless I can independently verify it from sources more substantive than relatively obscure web sites or the mainstream media.

After having gone through this process on a multitude of occasions, I’m convinced that most of the emails floating around the internet that seem conservative and are also erroneous, if not flat out false, are the work of progressives/leftists or even RINOs, and are designed to confuse readers, i.e., you and me, by telling us what we wish to hear or believe. Deception and misdirection have always been the hallmark of Communists, fascists and all tyrannical forms of politics. Consider this excerpt from a recent posting by Michael Ledeen:

The Desert of Mirrors: Who’s Really Who in the Middle East? SourceLink
Posted By Michael Ledeen
On February 2, 2014 @ 10:401


I don’t know the answer (although I think that the keys to unlocking the mystery are probably in the Iranian and/or Russian archives), but it reminds me of one of the greatest of all grand deceptions, the Soviet-created “Trust” just after the Revolution. That was organized by the Soviet intelligence service, which created a phony opposition movement whose “leaders” contacted Western governments with offers to topple the Bolshevik regime. The “Trust” leaders provided the Western strategists with secret documents, and even assassinated Soviet officials in order to establish the bona fides of the Trust. The West bought the deception, and funded the Trust, giving the Soviets money, knowledge of Western plans, and the ability to manipulate Western anti-Soviet operations. The Trust’s most celebrated victim was the British official “Reilly Ace of Spies,” who was lured to a meeting, arrested, tortured, and executed.

So, that’s how it’s done. And the Communists/Marxists/leftists/progressives, as well as fascists and other forms of tyranny, including Islamists, have been at it ever since the dawn of politics. So, why not American political movements? Left or right? And why not on the Internet?

When a person or organization in the public eye gets too close to spotlighting the truth, you can be certain the establishment will strike back. Consider what was done to Sarah Palin and what is being done to the Tea Party by both leftists and the likes of Fearless Talking Head Karl Rove. Below the radar of public scrutiny there seems to lay an army of anonymous writers pumping out deceptive, misleading and self-replicating infobots sent out en mass to confuse the ranks of conservatives and others holding traditional American values.

Yes, the truth will make you free. But getting at it is only one problem. Not swallowing artificial bait is another.


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