Wuhan Wars: The “Five Eyes” Report on China’s Actions at the Start of the Covid-19 Outbreak

On Monday, Tucker Carlson opened his show with a segment reporting on the “Five Eyes” intelligence report regarding China’s behavior at the beginning of the Covid-19 virus outbreak. The term “five eyes” means that the report is based on the intelligent assessments of five countries, namely, the U.S., Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. No translation issues, I presume.

The segment includes an interview with Australian Daily Telegraph reporter Sharri Markson who broke the story based on a “leaked” copy of the 15-page joint agency report. Searching the Daily Telegraph for the original story(s) proved fruitless because of the paywall imposed by the site.

More interesting were the results of a search for “five eyes coronavirus 15 page report” at DuckDuckGo.com. The first 20 results may be found here. After watching the video, it’s reasonable to ask if all the news sources read the same report or even read it at all. The search results indicate little direct correlation between “information” and the “truth.”

Where must one go and what must one do to get a little “Veritas” these days?

Think I’ve used way too many scary double quotes.

Heeeere’s Tucker. . .

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