Shut up and wear your mask!

From Power Line:

Straight talk about COVID-19

Patrick McHale is the president and chief executive officer of Graco, the prominent manufacturer whose corporate headquarters are based in Minneapolis. The company explains itself: “We pump peanut butter into your jar, and the oil in your car. We glue the soles of your shoes, the glass in your windows and pump the ink onto your bills. We spray the finish on your vehicle, coatings on your pills, the paint on your house and texture on your walls. We’ve been a part of your daily life for more than 90 years.”

Here CEO McHale relates the minor effect Covid-19 has had on the employees of Graco as contrasted to the disastrous impact seemingly arbitrary bureaucratic mandates have had on America’s economy and her people.

Video removed 09/02/20 at request of originator.

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