Whence the Wuhan Virus? Ask Fauci! (updated)

Tucker starts out commenting about White House COVID coordinator Jeffrey Zients’ statement on CNN regarding the “privilege” of being allowed to NOT wear a mask, as well as Fauci’s “Meet the Press” comment suggesting that we may well wish to wear masks during upcoming flu seasons. Great. Masked forever.

At the 5m point, the monologue moves to the May 5th “Bulletin of Atomic Scientists” article by Nicholas Wade concerning the point of origin of the – moniker of your choice – CCP/Wuhan/COVID-19 virus. Full article here or here.

Not to be missed.

Only question left is whether or not the release was accidental.


On Tuesday, “Unreported Truths” author Alex Berenson was Tucker’s guest and pushed back against Carlson’s Monday characterization of Fauci as being criminally liable for his approval of funding for gain-of-function research in Wuhan. Dr. Fauci’s role regarding said funding is described toward the end of the Nicholas Wade article linked above. With that in mind, here’s Berenson’s retort (starts at 2m10s):

Next time? “It’ll be worse.” So, is Fauci off the hook?

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