Woke, Inc. – Vivek Ramaswamy takes you inside Corporate America’s Social Justice Scam

I’ve ordered Mr. Ramaswamy’s book “Woke, Inc.” from Barnes & Noble and look forward to reading it. I’m not permitted to use Amazon for such purchases under threat of strict retribution from Darling Wife who loathes Herr Bezos … though I must confess my sentiments are in concert with hers.

Vivek was recently interviewed by Tucker Carlson for a Fox Nation segment. It is well worth the 55 minutes or so required for watching. Wonder what Harvard thinks of Mr. Ramaswamy as an illustrious alumnus since this august institution has for some time now been fully committed to Diversity? But then, he is brown … isn’t he?

The Clint Eastwood plug at the beginning of the video was left in both as a courtesy and to avoid editing chores which are my excuses for having forgotten to do it.


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