Why are so many young Americans dropping dead? Hint: it’s not all drug overdosing.

In today’s American Thinker, Thomas Lifson has an article revealing the excess deaths among younger segments of the American population. Quite unlike the direct effect of Covid-19, more popularly known as the CCP virus. What is going on?

Dr. Richard Urso, a drug design and treatment specialist, ophthalmologist, and former chief of orbital oncology at MD Anderson Cancer Center, claims to have the answer. Should you believe him? If he’s right, a lot of people on this planet could be in some real trouble. Once again, here’s Dr. Urso:

April 19, 2022
Facts Matter
mRNA Vaccines Lead to Spike Protein Entering Nucleus, Rise in Vascular Events, 40 Percent Increase in ‘All Cause Deaths’: Dr. Urso

Roman Balmakov

According to the CDC, last year, deaths among Americans aged 18 to 49 were up 40 percent. Even after removing all COVID-19 deaths, the spike remains uncanny. Why is that? And is it related to the U.S. government’s mass vaccination campaign?

We sat down with Dr. Richard Urso, a physician, scientist, and former director of Orbital Oncology at MD Anderson Cancer Center to discuss all things myocarditis, blood clotting, and vaccine injury.

Furthermore, we discussed how the synthetic materials within the mRNA-based vaccines act inside the body, how long spike protein production lasts, what effect it has on health, as well as the cause of athletes around the world dying from heart-related complications.

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