Heather Mac Donald interviewed by Tucker Carlson on FoxNation.com

Heather Mac Donald is a fellow at the Manhattan Institute, the author of many articles for the City Journal, and has written a number of books.

She is one smart lady. Here’s the first 45 minutes of the one hour interview. Well worth it. First 20 seconds are not related.

“What to do?” That is the question.

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America’s military now fully awakened with SecDef Lloyd Austin at the helm (updated)

… and he’s hired Bishop Garrison as head of white-supremacist-purging for our armed forces.

On Monday, Tucker mused about whether Americans fully grasp the import of the United States stepping off the world stage after a century of primacy. Will we be content having someone else, say China, running the show? We may not have much choice considering the direction the military’s leadership is taking has taken. Is the military’s primary mission to combat the “existential” threat of climate change? Do we really need recruitment ads that turn the Army into a cartoon?

Who’s running the asylum & where’s George Orwell when you need him?

Wikipedia’s Lloyd Austin bio entry here.

UPDATE: When WOKE happens to you…
Space Force Commander, Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier, speaks out after being ‘relieved of duty’

UPDATE II: Who is Mr. Lohmeier? Well…
Interview With Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier, USAF, on CRT (Critical Race Theory for the uninitiated) in DoD (Department of Defense for the non-military), regarding his book “Irresistible Revolution”


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Whence the Wuhan Virus? Ask Fauci! (updated)

Tucker starts out commenting about White House COVID coordinator Jeffrey Zients’ statement on CNN regarding the “privilege” of being allowed to NOT wear a mask, as well as Fauci’s “Meet the Press” comment suggesting that we may well wish to wear masks during upcoming flu seasons. Great. Masked forever.

At the 5m point, the monologue moves to the May 5th “Bulletin of Atomic Scientists” article by Nicholas Wade concerning the point of origin of the – moniker of your choice – CCP/Wuhan/COVID-19 virus. Full article here or here.

Not to be missed.

Only question left is whether or not the release was accidental.


On Tuesday, “Unreported Truths” author Alex Berenson was Tucker’s guest and pushed back against Carlson’s Monday characterization of Fauci as being criminally liable for his approval of funding for gain-of-function research in Wuhan. Dr. Fauci’s role regarding said funding is described toward the end of the Nicholas Wade article linked above. With that in mind, here’s Berenson’s retort (starts at 2m10s):

Next time? “It’ll be worse.” So, is Fauci off the hook?

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Dr. Ryan Cole on the Risks Involved with Experimental mRNA Vaccines

Here Dr. Ryan Cole speaks on March 30th at the Idaho state capital periodic event called “Capitol Clarity.” This is the second of two presentations made at the invitation of the Deputy Governor. Originally, the video was posted on YouTube but later removed. You can now find it here. This clip starts at the 11m point of Dr. Cole’s presentation.

My personal reaction is that if I had seen it prior to my Moderna covid-19 vaccination, I probably would have decided against getting stuck. Didn’t realize I was part of an experimental vaccine two-year trial. Informed consent? Passports?

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“The Trust” lives on. . .

Felix Dzerzhinsky led the first two Soviet state-security organizations, the Cheka and the OGPU, that established a secret police for the post-revolutionary Soviet regime. Along with Lenin, he created what became known as “The Trust” which Michael Ledeen describes as:

…one of the greatest of all grand deceptions, the Soviet-created “Trust” just after the Revolution. That was organized by the Soviet intelligence service, which created a phony opposition movement whose “leaders” contacted Western governments with offers to topple the Bolshevik regime. The “Trust” leaders provided the Western strategists with secret documents, and even assassinated Soviet officials in order to establish the bona fides of the Trust. The West bought the deception, and funded the Trust, giving the Soviets money, knowledge of Western plans, and the ability to manipulate Western anti-Soviet operations. The Trust’s most celebrated victim was the British official “Reilly Ace of Spies,” who was lured to a meeting, arrested, tortured, and executed.

Ledeen mentions this historical tidbit in a PJMedia posting titled “The Desert of Mirrors: Who’s Really Who in the Middle East?” wherein he describes the intentionally deceptive current-day antics of the Iranian regime.

The following Huffpost article is an example of how “Trust” history-creating methodology is put into practice by today’s Marxists Democrats:

* * * * *

Chilling Supercut Exposes Violent Pre-Riot Rhetoric From Donald Trump and His Enablers
Lee Moran, Reporter, HuffPost
Thu, January 14, 2021, 5:22 AM EST

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi orchestrates impeachment vote:

The violent and divisive rhetoric of President Donald Trump and his allies ahead of the U.S. Capitol riot is laid bare in a chilling supercut released by The Daily Show with Trevor Noah on Wednesday.

Trump, members of his family, White House officials, Fox News personalities, congressional Republicans and others promote baseless conspiracy theories about the 2020 election and demand retribution in the montage.

“We need to fight back,” urges Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) in the clip.

Fox News prime time host Tucker Carlson tells his millions of viewers that the election was rigged, Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-N.C.) urges conservatives to “lightly threaten” lawmakers and White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany calls on Republicans to “grow a backbone and fight.”

In clips recorded at a rally before the riot, Trump’s sons Eric and Donald Jr. whip up anger among the crowd, and lawyer Rudy Giuliani encourages “trial by combat.”

The video concludes with Trump demanding at his rally that supporters “fight like hell.”

The president on Wednesday was impeached by the House for a second time, on a charge of incitement to insurrection.

Watch the video here:


Carl Bernstein Delivers Blistering Rebuke Of Donald Trump’s GOP Congressional ‘Cult’

Rep. Eric Swalwell: Trump Radicalized, Incited His Base In Same Way Bin Laden Did

Conservative Icon Names ‘Most Ludicrous Senator’ And It’s No Longer Lindsey Graham

Also on HuffPost

BLM Protesters’ Skin Color vs. that of Pro-Trump Protesters:

This article originally appeared on HuffPost and has been updated.

* * * * *

IMHO President Trump was mistaken in calling for a rally in Washington D.C. on Jan. 6th. It was a ready-made opportunity for the Dems to put Obama’s “National Civilian Security Force” into action. It seems unlikely that BLM-ers and Antifa-cists did not comprise the bulk of the “Capitol Rangers Assault Force” as it could very well be forever known. Garb is easily changed. “Trump 2020” shirts, “MAGA” hats and American-flag swaddling do not a Trump supporter necessarily make. But, there’s no doubt that Trump and his supporters supplied more than enough verbal ammunition. However well-intentioned and non-insurrectionist it probably was.

Keep in mind that the Dems have been working towards this point since before Trump was even nominated. This is very clearly the case as is presented by attorney Joe diGenova in a January 2018 interview with the Daily Caller:

Correction: diGenova misstates (@ 1:00m) by saying the FISA report was issued in April, 2016. It was actually April of 2017.

Wonder whatever happened to Admiral Rogers?


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Princeton Professor Joshua Katz’s Encounter with the Borg Academy

For those of you not familiar with “Star Trek: The Next Generation”, the Borg are a “race” of humanoid-mechanical entities or “dasein” given to warning their captives that “Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated”:

Well, Professor Katz is resisting and dissents from Princeton’s Stalinist Borgs who published a letter demanding an end to academic freedom. The following clip is from a YouTube video wherein Prof. Katz expounds on “How to Lose Friends and Influence People.” Here he describes the painful experience of learning who his real friends are:

Could that be what Hemingway meant by “To Have and Have Not”?

HatTip to PowerLine.

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Dr. Harvey Risch, Yale Epidemiology Professor, on Hydroxychloroquine’s effectiveness in COVID infections

From the August 23rd “Life, Liberty & Levin” show:

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OBL’s Niece Noor bin Ladin: Trump & MAGA Supporter

The closing segment of last night’s Tucker Carlson show (see below) interviewed Noor bin Ladin who resides in Switzerland, and is quite compelling. The U.K. Spectator published a letter to America from Ms. bin Ladin on the 8th which prompted this interview. Funny how many non-Americans and non-natives seem to appreciate the country more than a large percentage of those born and bred here. Not that it’s perfect. However. . .

Being pro-Trump has caused me more grief than being Osama bin Laden’s niece. Why do I support Donald Trump? Look at his record.
Noor bin Ladin
October 8, 2020 9:37 AM

Dear America,

Two-hundred-and-forty-four years ago, the resolve, courage, and wisdom of your Founding Fathers forever changed the course of history. For the first time, with the ratification of your Declaration of Independence, mankind was offered an unmatched societal ideal. Human beings were recognized for what we truly are by nature: all created free and equal, endowed with unalienable rights derive from our Creator. With your Constitution, your Founders sealed these God given rights, and protected them by instituting a limited form of self-government along with a robust justice system.

This, America, is what makes your nation exceptional. It is why you have stood as a beacon of democracy and hope for all subjugated peoples over the past two centuries. During some of our darkest hours, we remember how you fought for those who couldn’t defend themselves from tyranny, at the cost of your own brave men. The world is forever in debt to your sacrifice, and we are grateful for the refuge you provide those who can flee persecution.

This, America, is your heritage and the reason we still look to you as our champion of liberty. Those currently fighting for their freedoms across the world value your brave Founding Fathers. From the peaceful Hong Kong protesters who proudly brandish the American flag in the streets, to the Iranian students who refused to walk over the painted star-and-stripes on the ground of a Tehran university, people who live under oppressive regimes know first hand that being free has no price. And they know that America is the ultimate shelter for the downtrodden.

Watching the gratuitous violence, streets burn, buildings and statues being defaced in America over these past months, I am heartbroken to see how an entire generation was successfully brainwashed into hating the very nation that has yielded the most freedom, justice and equality anywhere in the world.

I am also highly distressed by the blatant erosion at various levels of your most basic individual rights and freedoms as guaranteed by your Bill of Rights, from arbitrary censorship of speech to unlawful, politically motivated abuses of justice.

America, this is why I feel compelled to address you. Though I am an unlikely messenger at first glance — rest assured that the name that I carry is antithetical to the values I hold — my heart is in the right place: with you. The level of urgency coupled with the platform afforded to me by my circumstance compel me to speak up and warn you before it is too late.

The question is, how did we get to this point? The truth is that the undoing of America has been decades in the making. The globalists, Deep State, the swamp, whichever name you call them, have been hard at work to weaken America’s sovereignty and standing as world leader. Intent on erecting a new system of world governance where they would be in total control, they are seeking to undermine the fundamental principle of your country, ‘a government for the people by the people’, replacing it instead with a world order of international institutions ultimately puppeteered by a caste of technocrats, oligarchs and international bankers.

Though your Constitution stands firmly in their way, it never deterred them. They infiltrated governmental and intelligence agencies, and all realms of society — education, media, entertainment, culture. At their disposal, tools of mass population influence: propaganda, fake news and censorship. They set out to destroy your fundamental values and divide you. They negated God, dissolved the family unit and dissevered us from moral objectivity, effectively leaving a vacuum of degeneracy, cognitive dissonance and absurdity. This social engineering operation took place as we were lulled into a sense of comfort and complacency due to modernity’s technological progress and liberalism’s appeal. In reality we were being driven further down a path of enslavement while they solidified their plans for a covert power grab.

However, they didn’t count on a great awakening of people tired of being crushed by their self-serving economic policies. Nor did they foresee that COVID-19 would highlight their system’s gross failings, from an over dependence on a global supply chain to corruption in major institutions such as the World Health Organization. They didn’t anticipate that we would all rally online to share information and real news, bypassing their controlled mainstream media outlets. Above all, they never thought Hillary Clinton would lose.

Since President Trump’s victory, these nefarious forces have done everything in their power to stop him from reversing past administrations’ destructive policies. They have failed, hoax after hoax. Despite their relentless attacks on all fronts, President Trump has demonstrated he is the only leader who can save us from a bleak future. As evidenced by his first term, results of his America First policy speak for themselves.

Domestically, he removed handicapping regulations to American economic growth; rebuilt a depleted military; brought back manufacturing and revamped dying industries by renegotiating trade deals and cutting taxes; achieved energy independence; curbed immigration — all of which contributed to setting record unemployment rates. He also saved your tax payer dollars by withdrawing from corrupt international organizations and agreements. Remarkably, he tackled neglected issues such as human trafficking and unjust incarceration; defunded Planned Parenthood; took care of your disregarded veterans; lowered prescription drug prices. All these undertakings prove just how much he values the lives and wellbeing of ALL Americans.

By strengthening America from within, President Trump bolstered his plans when it comes to foreign policy, and thanks to his vision and tactical use of diplomatic avenues, has made the world a much safer place since taking office. To name a few achievements: he stood up to China, kept us out of new wars, made Europe comply with their Nato requirements, solidified ties with Israel, overturned the disastrous Iran deal, obliterated Isis, took down other key terrorists, and facilitated a historic peace deal between Israel and the UAE. His administration has also made Christian persecution worldwide a top priority with the State Department instituting the Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom, the first of its kind.

With President Trump at her helm, America has a chance to restore her principles, pride, independence and true place in the world as beacon of liberty and hope for all. This to me, is what ‘Make America Great Again’ means. Looking back at your country’s foundation, and preserving what makes it truly great. But also knowing that the best is yet to come.

All the above achievements will be torpedoed with a Biden/Harris presidency, and the dream of America’s enemies to see her weak and on her knees would be fulfilled. Make no mistake America, you are under attack. Supported by the fake news propaganda machine and violent marxists groups such as antifa with their Isis-type tactics, they have pushed their agenda through fearmongering, hypocrisy, lies and destruction onto you, the American people, and for one motive only: power. The escalation of the past four years is your preview of what to expect should we lose: an abject repudiation of our Judeo-Christian values and utter disregard for your individual rights. This insurrection, if successful, would cause the unravelling of law and order and the end of your Republic as we know it. Tyranny would inevitably ensue.

America, you are at the very edge of the precipice. Please wake up! Take hold! Fight for your country, and be proud of your roots! Uphold your values. Stand for your flag and your anthem. Defend your history. Don’t relent in the face of those who seek to rewrite it to serve their narrative and justify the destruction of your nation. You have much to cherish and protect for your sake, and ours.

We need you to stay the course, America. You are our last safeguard from an imminent civilizational collapse and if you lose, all humanity loses.

Be assured, we are with you in this decisive hour in your history. All of us freedom-seeking and loving people across the globe pray for you to succeed.

Your fellow patriot,
Noor bin Ladin

This is an edited extract from a letter published on Noor bin Ladin’s website.

Tucker Carlson Friday, October 16, 2020

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Wuhan Covid-19, Dr. Li-Meng Yan & the Mysterious Gene Sequence (updated)

Evening last Tucker Carlson interviewed Dr. Li-Meng Yan who gained notoriety this past July by claiming that the Covid-19 virus is a product of genetic manipulation and not a natural occurrence of a bat coronavirus mutation. Here’s the video:

Dr. Yan doesn’t offer any detailed evidence regarding her assertion of misdoings by the Chinese military, but much of it has been known since January. In April, Epoch Times published a video titled “Tracking Down the Origin of the Wuhan Coronavirus” which can still be seen in its entirety here on YouTube, surprisingly enough. Details of the virus’ genetic structure that make it unlikely that it is a natural mutation of a bat virus are laid out here in Part II of the Epoch Times video:

Perhaps Dr. Yan is not just one more right-wing conspiracy theorist.

Wednesday, 09/16/20

Dr. Harvey Risch is a Yale School of Public Health epidemiology professor who strongly advocates for the use of hydroxychloroquine in treating Covid-19. He was interviewed by an astounded and perplexed Mark Levin on 08/23/20 who just couldn’t understand the controversy surrounding the use of this drug. Dr. Risch systematically explains what’s going on, including the role of Dr. Fauci in dismissing the use of hydroxychloroquine in the current pandemic.

Seems like a coordinated effort at suppression to me. Right-wing conspiracy theory conclusion: Chicoms and Dems in it together from the beginning. How’s that?

Thursday, 09/17/20

Yesterday, Tucker followed up on the prior days broadcast that included an interview with Dr. Li-Meng Yan, and reported how she had been removed from Facebook as a result of her statements on FOX. He expanded on the issue of the censorship engaged in by Facebook, Google, Twitter and, at the 11:37 point in this segment, introduces his interview with Dr. Scott Atlas of the Hoover Institution. Notice that at the start of same there is a short clip of Dr. Atlas being interviewed June 23rd on Hoover’s “Uncommon Knowledge” by host Peter Robinson. I tried finding this video but it has been removed by the usual suspects for the usual reasons. I thought it might be available at Hoover but, alas, there is only the transcript.

Dr. Atlas was added to the White House coronavirus task force in mid-August. Not to worry, his efficacy and authority in that position is being questioned by the liberal press. Just do a quick search. And be sure to check out what world-renowned virologist and geneticist Bill Gates adds to the controversy.

Links to recent articles and videos by Dr. Atlas at the Hoover Institution here.

Friday, 09/18/20

Last night, Tucker Carlson continued with his “covid coverup” theme of the week by relating a story first reported by the FOX News affiliate in Nashville. He opens the segment relating how the country has been assured and reassured for the past nine months that all the draconian isolation measures imposed by local, state and federal authorities have been for our protection from a fate worse than … well, who knows. I’ll let Tucker tell you:

However, Michigan officials aren’t buying it. Gruppenführer Gretchen’s keeping her bars closed.

An added attraction from Bill Gertz of the Washington Times here.


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Shut up and wear your mask!

From Power Line:

Straight talk about COVID-19

Patrick McHale is the president and chief executive officer of Graco, the prominent manufacturer whose corporate headquarters are based in Minneapolis. The company explains itself: “We pump peanut butter into your jar, and the oil in your car. We glue the soles of your shoes, the glass in your windows and pump the ink onto your bills. We spray the finish on your vehicle, coatings on your pills, the paint on your house and texture on your walls. We’ve been a part of your daily life for more than 90 years.”

Here CEO McHale relates the minor effect Covid-19 has had on the employees of Graco as contrasted to the disastrous impact seemingly arbitrary bureaucratic mandates have had on America’s economy and her people.

Video removed 09/02/20 at request of originator.

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