Conrad Black: Canada, America, and the Rationale Behind Our Fundamentally Changed Relationship

For those of you not familiar with the life, times and travails of Lord Black, let me say that he is probably the ultimate personification of why the very wealthy so overwhelmingly support Progressives and their agenda. Do otherwise, and they’ll get you one way or another. Make an example of you so that others will not even attempt similar trespass.

Conrad Black was once-upon-a-time Mark Steyn’s boss. Mr. Steyn, who unabashedly, but not entirely inappropriately, terms himself a “One-man global content provider,” has often defended his former employer by pointing out the ludicrously pernicious nature of Mr. Black’s envelopment by the “vagaries of U.S. justice.” A few details of Steyn’s view of the media mogul’s falls from grace and the legal gymnastics employed to precipitate it may be found here and here.

Whatever his political predilections may be, Conrad Black possesses a first-class, if infrequently quirky, intellect. You can find his recent contributions to the National Review Online here. His ruminations on the title subject of this post fill the first 15:30 of the video given below. Black’s view regarding America’s future is guardedly optimistic though we are, as he says, currently without the requisite leadership.

For the balance, Lord Black discusses recent developments regarding his pas de duex with The Law.


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