So you want to nullify violations of the Constitution?

Some pointers on one way of doing it:

So, it’s up to the states even though the feds have their hands and feet pretty well tied. However, I believe a Constitutional convention would be quicker,  less expensive and require fewer legal resources. Get crackin’ fellas.

Et tu, Christie?

You may also wish to check out the Constitution Society as well as Constitution Nullification: How Was It Done? Here’s a link to an analysis of the Frothingham v. Mellon case that was cited in the video. And here’s a link to the suggested Google search: “federal action review commission” Have fun.

No need to wonder why Obama or any other federal official can do just about anything they please. Essentially, there’s not a damn thing anyone can do about it. It’s the LAW!

Okay, all you noble and distinguished candidates out there, do you have something to say about this? Unless you do, you’re full of it when it comes to downsizing and reducing the reach of the federal government. And that includes Mr. Paul.

This, my fellow citizens, is where the Constitutional rubber meets the bureaucratic road.


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