Voter Nullification and Excess Democracy

Tomorrow’s offering from Remus:

Woodpile Report 252 – 24 Jan 2012

No matter who you vote for, the government gets elected.
— Traditional, cited by Francis Porretto,

Referendums are a wonderful thing in theory, a direct vote by the electorate, as close to unalloyed democracy as there is. But, astoundingly, referendums are routinely nullified by federal courts. The losing side argues referendums suffer from an excess of democracy, their exact words in one California case, and the court agrees. Apparently the electorate needs protection from itself, we aren’t good enough for us. So the regime uses its voter nullification card, you know, the one they deal from the bottom of the deck.

We should learn a deep lesson from this experience: referendums are an expensive, resource-consuming hoax. Voters are trained to jump through hoops like good little dogs just to get what is rightfully theirs, but if our rulers are unhappy with the outcome we get training of a different kind. It’s the regime’s way of telling us they will not let us decide anything of importance. Referendums are bogus and national elections are bogus. How could they make it more clear?

cont’d. . .(the rest is not to be missed)

As I mentioned to Remus, at least I know I’m not alone with only my cynicism for company.


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